Yes. With a single account, you can belong to multiple Talent Dojos. Your basic profile information will be accessible to each Talent Dojo that you belong to, however, the more detailed information that is collected via discussions is not.

This is your account information that is shared across any and all Talent Dojos that you belong to:

Your Introduction that you write when you join a specific company's Talent Dojo is not shared, nor are the contributions that you have made to that company's discussions.

Example Scenario:

Both Your Company and Acme Retailers use Talent Dojo to connect with their talent audience. You are already a member of Your Company, and have been an actively engaged member for some time now. You have participated in multiple discussions and even shared some direct messages with a recruiter. You have just discovered that Acme Retailers also has an online talent community, and they use Talent Dojo. You decide to join. When you go to Acme Retailer's join page, you are able to introduce yourself to them. After you click on the "Join Using Talent Dojo" button you will be brought to the Create An Account page - instead of creating a new account, simply click on the "Sign In" link and everything is done for you! You will arrive at a dashboard that shows both of the Talent Dojo's that you belong to. Your engagement and communication with each organization stays private between you and each employer. When you first enter into Acme Retailer's Talent Dojo you have a fresh and clean profile with them. As you begin to participate in their discussions, they will learn about you.