Traditional recruitment processes require you to create a targeted resume that speaks in the language of the employer. In one or two pages, you are expected to share all that you can do, why you are the right candidate for the role, and submit your application into an automated tracking system where once you hit submit, you don't really know what happens. Your resume is one of dozens, if not hundreds, that get submitted in the exact same way. It's a little frustrating at both ends.

That's where Talent Dojo comes in. We wanted to create a way to help interested people connect with employers that allowed them to really show off what they can do, all while learning more about the employer's culture and needs. Talent Dojo doesn't require you to submit a resume, as there are no jobs posted in our communities. Rather, the community sits at the top of the funnel, creating a pipeline of members who could be ideal candidates for when roles become available. 

Imagine this scenario:

Janie, the hiring manager at Your Company, is in need of a new Administrative Assistant. Rather than sending out a job posting to multiple job boards, she simply has to look at her Talent Dojo Community to find members who have shown themselves to be knowledgeable and skilled and would be a good fit for the company. It saves her the headache of a drawn out search, and gives you, the member, the upper hand, as you've already been connecting with people who work at Your Company through your contributions to discussions. Imagine how great you would feel walking into an interview knowing that you've already established a relationship and you understand what kinds of attributes and skills they are seeking!