When you open up a discussion, you will notice that you are not able to view the other member's contributions. Why do we do this? We want your honest answer; one that isn't influenced by anyone else! Once you post your contribution, you will be able to see what everyone else has written. 

To contribute to a discussion, click on the Discussion Card on your Live Discussion page.

Once you are in the discussion, enter your response in the open text field and click on the Contribute button when you are done.


Feel free to explore all the discussions on the Live Discussion page and respond to those that resonate with you. Discussions are kept fresh, and you will see new ones pop up on a regular basis. Older discussions will expire to make room for the new ones. When a new discussion is posted, will you receive an email notification to let you know. To respond to the discussion from the notification, just click on the "Contribute" button that appears in the email message.