Discussions are carefully crafted to learn about members; employers are looking to learn about what you know, how you behave, and how you might fit within their team. You participation in discussions gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills, experience, and knowledge that is relevant to the topic. 

When new opportunities are on the horizon, employers come into their Talent Dojo community to seek potential candidates. They seek members who have displayed alignment with their organization and needs. How do they find these members? Through a simple search that sifts through members based on criteria. For example, a retailer might be looking for a sales associate; members who have participated in discussions that have been developed for this need will show up in that search. Which means that more you participate in discussions that are meaningful for you, the more you will be on the employer's radar.

You don't have to participate in all discussions, just those that you are knowledgeable about, have experience with, or simply have an insight to share. Take advantage of the discussions and get the attention you deserve!